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Monthly Fanmix

a fanmix challenge community

A Monthly Fanmix Challenge Community
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monthlyfanmix is as the name implies: a monthly fanmix community. Each month there will be a fanmix challenge with a specific theme. Themes will vary from a specific show to a general idea or even all songs by one artist. Things will change up and there will be choice for the maker!


Each fanmix will require cover art, 6-10 songs, and lyrics demonstrating why you chose what songs you chose. Each fanmix should include links back to the songs on your fanmix, this can be individual songs or the entire mix in a rar/zip, whichever you prefer. Sites like MegaUpload and YouSendIt are recommended as they won't use up any personal bandwidth and the links won't reveal who is who when it comes down to judging.

Please see these example fanmixes and feel free to let me know if you have any questions.


There are a variety of awards you can win for your fanmix! These include:

.. best fanmix for each theme
.. best fanmix over all (if there are theme choices)
.. best cover art
.. mod's choice fanmix
.. mod's choice cover art


.. You must be signed up to participate. If you missed sign-ups for this month, friend the community and stick around to get some great music, participate in voting and sign up for next month's challenge.

.. Challenges will last for an entire 30/31 day period. At that point voting will go up for 10 days and results revealed after that point. Sign ups and voting will over lap.

.. Your fanmix posts MUST BE PUBLIC UNTIL VOTING IS CLOSED. You are allowed to either post here to the community, or at your own journal/icon journal.

.. Please post to monthlyfanmix with a link or lj cut to your fanmix, showing a single piece of cover art as a teaser. This will give everyone a chance to check out your fanmix until voting comes up.

.. Fanmixes must all be new and made specifically for this challenge.

.. Cover art must be no larger than 400x400 with no animations.

.. Let's keep things PG-13 above cuts please. If you have songs with cursing or other "scary" stuff, keep it behind a cut/link with a warning.

.. You don't have to worry about tagging. I'll take care of it for you.

.. Please actually listen to people's fanmixes! Not only will you get fun free music out of the deal, but it will show which one really deserves to win. Also, it's always nice to leave fun comments so people know you listened/downloaded their fanmix.

.. Voting will go up after the challenge closes.

.. Sign ups for the following challenge will typically be posted approximately 10 days before the beginning of the next month/challenge.

.internal links
Round 2 Sign Ups ... Round 1/Theme ... Example Challenges and Suggestions

Fanmix challenge itself was my own idea, though I'm sure it's not entirely original. I would like to say whedon20in20 inspired me to create a challenge of my own, plus her rules list is perfect so I took some liberties with it. If you like icon making and whedon, I strongly recommend checking it out.

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